The Birds That Stay

The past may be gone, but the birds have stayed.

When you feel like you have finally moved on from your past, it comes back again, sometimes stronger. This is the story of Marie Russel and Roméo Ludec, beginning as complete strangers, to ultimately find themselves in the heart of a mystery that may just open wounds thought long forgotten.
Beautiful and often mesmerizing descriptions, complex characters, and a mystery connected to the past are what make this book worth reading.
Upon starting it, I felt like I’m a resident of the quiet mountain villages.
I loved the atmosphere and the aura the author was able to create. The multiple POV’s were not once confusing, on the contrary, they were used as an insight to get to know each character, their motives, how they live, their past that continued to haunt them as the days passed by. Everything is so detailed in a way that’s never boring.
This was an enjoyment to read, especially in this cold weather. Definitely a gripping read.

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